Thursday, August 15, 2013

Try Something New

I love BBQ! I kind of like to think of myself as a BBQ geek. So like any other type of geek I just can’t stop at the norm. A computer geek doesn’t have just any computer and a music geek can’t own just one genre or type of music. Now I’m not saying I’ve done it all or know it all by any means. I’m someone that believes He who knows it all (or thinks he knows it all anyway) knows little to nothing at all. That being said I love trying new things and that’s just what I did. Oh ya and it paid off big time!

Me and my good ole cueing buddy Dennis were talking about different meats to smoke and one thing lead to another. Next thing I know I’m standing at the counter of Steve’s Meat Market buying a butt half of a whole pork loin. Why wouldn’t you want this cut up? That’s what the butcher asked anyway. My answer…. Because I’ve never done it like this before.

Once home I treated this awesome piece of meat like a shoulder. Injecting with my favorite hog injection and rubbing down with a nice cherry rub and in the smoker she went. We cooked her at 275  with a do not disturb attitude for the first couple of hours then sprayed it down every 30 minutes for the next few. When that piece of meat came off the smoker it looked like the chunk of meat that toppled Fred Flintstones car.

We let it set for about twenty minutes then sliced it. The knife cut through like butter and the result was one of the prettiest pieces of pork I’ve ever seen. And it tasted even better! Melt in your mouth greatness. Try something new! It’s delicious. 


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