Monday, August 22, 2011

R and J's

Were Back! ……… Ok so it’s been a while. We had finals, graduations, recruiters, big moves and summer vacations.  Zach graduated and moved away, Travis is saving the world in the Navy; Jack is off to get his doctorate in Pennsylvania and I took a few weeks for an awesome summer vacation. We did however get to three BBQ joints (R and J’s BBQ, Wyandot BBQ and LC’s BBQ) this summer for round two of the Pit Crawl. This review is about R and J’s BBQ, and soon to follow will be Travis’ review on Wyandot BBQ as well as Dennis’ review on LC’s BBQ. Then comes the Bit by Bit BBQ Pit crawl III!

            Jack, Travis and Zach are lifelong Pit Crawlers and beyond that lifelong friends. Anytime they find a new BBQ spot through their life travels and feel the need to share, a review will be posted. That being said this adventure is long from over for Dennis and me as well. We’ve added two new members to the crawl (Robert and Brett); have set our sights on four new BBQ joints and plan on reviewing sauces as well as our own BBQ adventures.  So let’s get to it!

            I eat a lot of BBQ. Had it in Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Memphis, Kansas City, etc.  But the  sausage at R and J’s was some of the best I’ve ever had. As we hunkered down at the bar to order we were greeted quickly and with a smile. Nothing fancy about this place, you could tell it was family run. A true mom and pop operation, everyone who walked through the door seemed to be a regular. Now we certainly weren’t  family or regulars and I for one felt at home. Plus they got a sandwich called “The Jayhawker” and for Lawrence Kansas boys that’s pretty cool.   

            Both Dennis and I had the sausage and rib combo plate and we shared a jayhawker. Travis and Zach had a sampler plate. We also had coleslaw, beans, and fries. The ham was ham, not bad in any way but just ham. The ribs were as good as many we’ve had, but we’ve had better. The brisket was sweet, tender, and cooked just right. As you might know by now we pretty much use fries for taste testing sauce and their sauce was good, however I prefer a bit more heat and they only have the one. The Beans were also good but in very small portions and the coleslaw was basic slaw. So now let’s get to it. SAUSAGE! If for no other reason this makes R and J’s a must go. As I said at the start this just might be the best I’ve ever had, perfect texture with a perfect sweet heat flavor. This sausage was so good I’m not sure how to describe it. All I can say is this. Step one Go! Step two Order the sausage. Step three Eat.

            Let me end on this. R and J’s is located just a few miles east of the Legends shopping center, Cabellas and a few big name chain BBQ joints. Now I’ve got nothing against big name BBQ restaurants in fact were going to review one in round three. But next time you take your family shopping out that way and decide to grab a bit to eat. Rather than wait thirty minutes for a table under a large neon sign that reads BBQ, head down the road and grab a table at R and J’s.

R and J’s BBQ

8401 Parallel Parkway

Kansas City Kansas 66112