Thursday, May 30, 2013

RJ's Bob Be Que Shack

Alright so here we go! Now I know it’s been a while since the last review of a BBQ joint but were no quitters. Spring has sprung and the barbecue season has begun. The smell of grills and smokers fill the air and the Pit Crawl crew is on the move with more reviews. We have an awesome list of cue joints to check out and we picked a good one to start with. RJ’S BOB-BE-QUE SHACK!

With menu items like bbq nachos, bison empanadas, Cajun crab cakes, and our personal favorite crispy pig tails. Thin strips of pork sirloin lightly breaded and deep fried. Served with a delicious horseradish dijion mayonnaise and sriracha sauce. This is not your usual bbq joint and with an owner like Robert Palmgren it has a pit master like no other.


Robert “Bob” Palmgren wasn’t trained in the art of bbq but rather is a French-trained Certified Chef who has cooked at some of this country's best known dining establishments. Bob spent 30 years working at these places before fulfilling his life-long dream and opening RJ’s Bob-Be-Que Shack in 2003. This place not only has award winning smoked meats, homemade soups, and grilled fish with a French twist but it also serves breakfast. Located on the corner of Johnson Drive and Lamar Avenue this place offers a real home grown original.


We had the Crispy pig tails as a starter. Oh ya and we loved em! For dinner we had smoked chicken, brisket pulled pork spare ribs and just for fun Dennis ordered up some jalapeno sausage and Brett doubled down with brisket soup.
We all loved the brisket soup and jalapeno sausage so we owe Brett and Dennis a great deal of gratitude. We not only loved these items for their taste but we loved them for their inspiration as well. If you have read any of our older post you know we love trying new ways to make and smoke sausage. Corn husks how awesome is that!
Bob-Be-Que beans, cheesy corn bake, and fries finished up our feast.  The fries were fries, the beans were good but just beans. The true winner of the sides was the cheesy corn bake. The brisket was great and burnt ends even better. The pork was cooked just right the chicken however was sliced breast meat with little taste of smoke. Maybe because it was boneless and skinless. I would have preferred a thigh skin on. But it was the spare ribs that won our hearts. Some of the best spare ribs we've had yet. The only thing any of us had when we left RJ’s-Bob-Be-Que Shack was when we could go back again maybe for breakfast next time.






PS –If you like Bloody Mary’s and bacon they have a drink for you!


Keep on Queing!



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