Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dickeys Texas Pit

Well we said we were going to some lager chain type BBQ places and we did. Now I’m not sure Travis Dickey would have ever thought his little BBQ Pit in Dallas would have expanded to what it is today. All Travis Dickey wanted was to provide Texans with the perfect Texas style barbecue and Ronald and TD Dickey Jr. carried that dream on when they took over in the late 60’s. But the brothers started expanding throughout the greater Dallas area and Franchising began in the early/mid 90’s with great success. Roland Dickey Jr. continues the family BBQ tradition today.

Texas Pit BBQ……What is Texas style BBQ? You hear people talk about Texas style BBQ, Kansas City BBQ, Memphis BBQ and Carolina style BBQ. But what does all that really mean? In today’s world of BBQ….and in my opinion not much! By that I mean no disrespect to anyone or their traditions. I’ve spent many hours reading about and studying barbecue and the history of barbecue. And let me tell you I haven’t even scratched the surface! You could read and read and read and every time you finish a book on cue another one shows up in front of you. Now I’m not going to spend time going into just what is traditional Texas style BBQ but there is such a thing. So why not explain to you the reader of this blog the difference? Answer…. Because like I said before in today’s world of BBQ there’s not a lot of difference. People from Texas are proud of their BBQ as are people from Kansas City, Carolina and Memphis, however most barbecue joints all around the country serve the best of all styles of BBQ. And Dickeys is one of those joints. Once a true Texas Pit Dickeys now serves cue of all types.

To some people getting away from tradition isn’t good but I don’t look at it that way. I look at it as taking the best of four awesome worlds of barbecue and ending up with the best of the best. Beef brisket, spare and baby backs, chicken, pulled pork, ham and so much more all in one place. And like I said most BBQ joints have done this. So let’s get to the food. 

We ordered both chopped and sliced brisket, pulled pork, polish and cheddar sausage and pork spare ribs. As for sides we had barbecue beans as well as jalapeno beans, waffle fries and fried okra. Let’s start with the sides……. How do I put this…..? Nothing was bad but at the same time nothing really stood out either. The beans were beans nothing more as if a can was opened and they were done. The fried okra obviously came from frozen and the fries were fries. Although the fries did serve their purpose as sauce testers and the sauce was very good. One thing I would like to have seen was more sauces for sale. You couldn’t buy the sweet sauce which I felt along with others was their best. However all were cut from the same cloth so to speak and all were good.

The chopped brisket was very good as was the sliced I’m not sure which I preferred more however Dennis thinks the chopped was better. Both had enough fat to not be dry but by no means were fatty. And they had great smoky flavor! I didn’t think much of the polish sausage not that it was bad in any way it just wasn’t special in any way either. It reminded me of a basic brat. The cheddar sausage on the other hand had a flavor all its own. The good kind! If you take a blind taste test and can tell ….hay that’s dickeys cheddar sausage and are smiling yea that’s good. The pulled pork was also good. I don’t remember thinking it was the best we’ve had but I thought it was good. Oh I almost forgot we also had slaw for a side. Anytime there’s pulled pork we have to try the slaw. Not bad but no more than par for the course. Ok its rib time! I thought the spare ribs were the best thing we had and most of what we had was really good so that say something. Robert (a baby back man) thought they were the best spare ribs he had ever had. In fact they inspired him to try spare ribs more often both at home on his smoker and grill as well when were out.

All in all we liked Dickeys Texas pit BBQ.                                                                                           



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