Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wyandot Bar B Q

Wyandot Barbeque was really an unmemorable trip with one awesome exception. The place is what I consider the “classic” barbeque joint in the 21st century, though it’s been around for decades. You know you’re in the right place when you pull into the parking lot because the air smells delicious. The place is small and “L” shaped with a few seats along the counter and a handful of tables. Wyandot though was a little bigger in size than Smoking Babes. As the chicken guy of the Pit Crawlers I had the half chicken with coleslaw and beans. My chicken thigh was mostly dark meat with the breast mostly white. The breast was dry, which wasn’t bad because anyone who has tried to smoke chicken knows that it’s difficult to keep the bird most. I solve that problem by injecting the meat directly every few hours, more if I’m drinking. I was disappointed that the thigh’s dark meat was dry because dark meat retains moister better than white. Perhaps the reason that my meat was dry all around was because it had clearly been under a heat lamp for a while. I know this because the sauce they put on the top had congealed by the time it arrived in front of me. Cary and Dennis said that the pork was well done but the brisket was a little on the dry side. The slaw was only fair, more bitter/sour than anything else . I thought the beans were well done and tasteful. Like I said it would be easy to forget my experience at Wyandott had it not been for one thing, the sauce. I’m not a super-taster, neither am I a professional chef but that sauce was some of the best barbeque sauce I’ve ever had. It was more tangy and sweet than hot. I put it on everything on my plate such that my sides were essentially swimming by the time I had finished my chicken. Also you could get a Mason jar of this near-magical sauce for two-something a bottle when my friends and I would have gladly given them ten dollars a jar. . Every one of the Pit Crawlers agreed that the sauce was worth the trip. I liked the sauce so much that I took my Dad back to Wyandot when he came to visit a few weeks later. He thought it was really good as well. In summary, you should go to Wyandot Barbeque if only to sample and take home some of their of that sauce for a steal. It is sure to impress people you have over for dinner. As always may your pits inspire awe and tell them the Pit Crawlers sent you.


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