Saturday, October 30, 2010

Our First Post

So while you've been out at your favorite Kansas City BBQ spots lately you may have seen a group of weirdo's wearing matching t-shirts and eating obscene amounts of meat.  We are the Bit by Bit BBQ Pit Crawl.  We don't have enough time or money to hit up all the BBQ spots that we want to visit all at once so like the way we cook our meat, we're doing our crawl nice and slow.  Sure, we've all been to the Kansas City staples like Oklahoma Joe's, Gates, Jackstack and Arthur Bryants but we wanted to get a broader picture of the Kansas City BBQ palette.  In order to do this, we compiled a list of forty of our favorite (past and present and in some cases just favorite names) BBQ spots in the region, divide them into groups of five and give ourselves about three months to complete each smaller group.  Here is the Big List and the current list that we are working on.

Big List (In no particular order)
1. RJ's
2. Zarda Q
3. Oklahoma Joes
4. Papa Bob's
5. Johnny's BBQ
6. Benny's BBQ
7. LC's
8. Arthur Bryant's
9. Gates BBQ
10. Jake Edward's
11. Smoke N Babes
12. The Shack
13. B B's Lawnside BBQ
14. Jack Stack
15. Three Little Pigs
16. Biemers BBQ
17. Granddaddies
18. Guy & Mays
19. Smokin Guns
20. Lil Jakes
21. Boss Hawgs
22. Grovers
23. Quicks BBQ
24. Rosedale
25. Buffalo Bobs
26.Bigg's BBQ
27.Lonesteer BBQ
28. Vermont ST. BBQ
29. Pat's Pig
30. The Filling Station
31. Wyandotte BBQ
32. Haywards
33. Winslow's BBQ
34. Big T's BBQ
35. Flamethrowers BBQ
36. Dave Sweet Savour
37. Big Pappa's
38. Hickory Log BBQ
39. Danny Edwards
40. Summit Hickory Pit BBQ

With Zarda Q, Johnny's, Smoke N Babes, Oklahoma Joes, and the Shack as the first five that we are visiting.  We've already gone to Zarda Q and Johnny's and we should have reviews for both coming soon. 

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